Focus On Signing Long-term Strategic Partnership Pacts With Great Powers

Monday, January 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in his successful trip to Europe has signed documents for long-term cooperation with Italy, treaty for friendship and cooperation with France and long-term cooperation treaty with Britain.
The signing of these documents with Afghanistan sallies under the present conditions that Afghanistan in the military and security responsibility throughout the country and that the process of talks with the Taliban and other groups are being continued can be accessed from different angles.
The signing of long-term strategic cooperation documents with Italy, France and Britain on one hand is a great political achievement for the Afghan order, and on the other hand may influence the sense of position and their regional supporters.
Any way in case we express International and regional aspects of these document, the documents strengthens the international position of Afghanistan and indicate to the regional countries that leave Afghanistan this country will not be alone as in the past and will lose all its potential in war against terrorism.
On the other hand, these documents increases the responsibility of the government authorities towards the people of Afghanistan as in the near future the international forces will leave Afghanistan and it will be the government of Afghanistan that will undertake the responsibility of security and other spheres in the country.
When the president of the country says that NATO forces should leave the country in 2013, it means that the security foundations should from now on prepare themselves, free from any religious, tribal and discriminatory influences and undertake the charge of affairs, struggle with corruption and other political, economic and cultural problems and as Afghans who inherited this homeland serve the ruling order and things goes this way we would have a bright future, and if it does not happen so, and every one move their own will and wish and ignore the problems a great mistake will take place and this nation once again will suffer.

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