Former Pashtany Bank Director Arrested

Monday, March 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The attorney General Office said that Hayatullah Dayani former director along with 12 other employees of Pashtany Bank have been arrested. 
They are accused of embezzlement of Afs 35 million capital of the bank. 
General Abubakr Rafie deputy head of the attorney general office in struggle against corruption affairs addressing a press conference said that the former director of Pashtany Bank in accordance with the order of President Karzai had transferred USD 132 million in 1389 and had loaned to 70 companies, some of the companies having activity permits returned the loaned money but Afs. 35 million of the loaned money was not returned to the bank. 
He added that the investigations showed that Afs 35 million were recorded in the name of companies having no legal permits and their place of activity were not known as well and they were not registered at the AISA as well. 
The source adds that evidence exists that Afs. 35 million capital of the bank have been divided among Dayani and his 12 colleagues. 
He stresses that the accused have registered several homes on forged basis as guarantee for the loaned money while no such property exists. 
He noted that corruptions are high in the banks and this is not good news indeed. 
He attributes this to the low control regime of the banks within the finance ministry. 
He noted that unless the embezzled money is not returned to the treasury the accused will remain behind the bars.

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