Fourteen Rockets Hit Kabul

Kabul (BNA) Kabul witnessed fourteen missiles hitting in the early hours of today at the beginning of this week.

Eleven Kabul citizens, including women and children were martyred and thirteen others were wounded in the rocket attacks. The victims and wounded were all civilians.

The Ministry of Public Health confirms that only five people died in today’s events.

BNA correspondent Nematullah Raufi was among the injured in the incident. Raufi injured while he was making a report from the city.

But another source said that only 28 wounded and one martyr of today’s events have been transferred to Emergency Hospital.

The rockets hit residential and crowded areas of Kabul, including the Sedarat intersection, Shahr-e-Naw, the Zerzamini area Deh-afghanan and Khairkhana parts.

The Zerzamini area, which is the busiest point of Kabul, witnessed the most casualties. Several vendors and two brothers selling pomegranate juice lost their lives and several passers-by were injured in the incident. Students towards the school gates in Khairkhana area has also caused problems and a number of students have sustained injuries.

A Kabul police source told BNA that the rockets were fired from a Suzuki vehicle that had stopped near the Tahya Masskan area, images showed the vehicle burning.

This issue has been widely reflected on social media.

Rocket launching from a car has now become a tactic for terrorist groups.

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