French Forces Left Tagab Military Base

Saturday, February, 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) French forces left Tagab district’s military base of Kapisa province.
The leaving took place after a bloody attack by An Afghan soldier on French forces in which four French soldiers were killed and at least 16 others were wounded.
This attack happened two weeks ago in the above mentioned military base.
According to the reports, the Afghan forces replaced with these French forces in the mentioned military base.
Meanwhile, the Afghan Defense Ministry confirming the leaving of French forces from Tagab military base said, this outgoing is on conformity with the second phase of security transition program from foreign forces to the Afghan security forces.
Mehrabudeen Safi governor of Kapisa told this news agency, “although they have not informed the authorities in Kapisa, but they received information about the leaving of French forces from Tagab district.”
The French military authorities in Afghanistan confirming the report said, these forces stationed in Tora area near Kabul.
The authorities of French forces said that their military forces have not left Kapisa completely, a number of their forces still exist in some parts of that province.
France in the framework of NATO has 4000 soldiers in Afghanistan which most of them have been stationed in Sorbi and Kapisa province.
Translated by: Rateb Nabizada

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