General Barekzai appointed as commander of military police, in charges of transition of Bagram, other prisons

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai has appointed General Ghulam Farouq Barekzai as military police commander and in charge of transition of Bagram prison and other prisons to the Afghan sovereignty.  General Barekzai after visiting the President officially started his work.  The ceremony to this effect was attended by vice-presidents and Minister of Defense.  General Barekzai expressed his thanks over the trust of the President of the country and promised that he will achieve his task with honesty and needs of the country.  He assured that he will preserve the sovereignty of the country and shall enforce justice freedom of Afghanistan in Bagram prison.  President Karzai congratulated Barekzai on his new assignment and wished him success.  The president told Barekzai that he has been appointed to this post after thorough assessment of his past experience and he is hopeful that under his leadership the Bagram prison be transferred to the sovereignty of Afghanistan in the time specified for this purpose and all humanitarian rights of prisoners are taken into account.  He advised him that in cooperation with the related organs after finding the innocence of the prisoners they should be released.  Barekzai assured the president that humane behavior will be observed towards the prisoners.  He added that we shall prove that Afghans can shoulder the responsibility of their country and carry on successfully.  It should be noted that on Hoot 19, 1390 the agreement for transition of the sovereignty of the Bagram prisons was signed between Afghan defense minister and General John Allen General Commander of NATO in Kabul.  In accordance with this agreement the Bagram prison will be delivered to Afghanistan in six months.

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