Ghazni City Once Again Emerges as “Bride of The Cities”

Monday February 24, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Ghazni city was named as the bride of the cities and was enjoying once a special position.
Not for this that it ruled in a vast fiefdom but beside it, this city was the cradle of nourishment of ulema, scholars and the elites of its era. Their works are the matter of pride for us and till the world is remain, the coming generations commemorate it in a good name. In other word, the prides and what this city kept in its bosom not only belong to our country.
Because, beside pious rulers of this ancient city, the personalities such as Ansari, Abu Raihan Al-Beruni, Sanayee and tens other bright figures were living in it. Today, all scientific ideas of Abu Raihan Al-Beruni such as philosophy, astronomy, medics etc. are taught in credible universities of developed nations.
During the last breath of his life, he asked those who surrounding him that please invite a person who know about inheritance. Because before I leave this world for hereafter, I want to know something about it. All these caused that despite in 2007 this city has changed its face, the city that in a time attracted the attention of tourists and men of knowledge to itself, and satisfied all those who were thirsty of science and was restoring the rights of oppressed.
This city sustained much harms and injuries and every corner of it narrates about the tyrannies and cruelties of man-kinds. Despite all these, the continued prides of this city forces the ministers of culture of Islamic world so in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli and with initiation of Islamic countries cultural, scientific and education organization (ISESCO) this city to be selected in 2013 as the center of culture and civilization of Islamic world. From one side, this selection, paved the way for rehabilitation of this ancient and historical city on the other, to show to the world that every point that works for the expansion and blossoming of Islam sacred religion never be forgotten.
So, these desires come true and in Hamal 24th of current solar year, (2013) and due to a ceremony, this city officially nominated as the capital of culture and civilization Islamic World in Asia. Now, its final festivity is celebrated with participation of thousands enthusiasts including foreign guests. We certainly say that Ghazni city, yesterday “bride of the cities” once more decorated itself. Nomination of Ghazni as the capital of culture and civilization of Islamic world in a good ground prepared for solidarity and cohesion and cultural unity of Islamic nations. This shows the peaceful message of Islam to the World. This is also indicator of the fact that the nation of Afghanistan should joint hand with each other and only don’t suffice to nomination but, they should beautify the figure of  Ghazni city and once more display the past grandeur of this city before all nations how is necessary.

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