Government Urged to Win Int’l Trust Ahead Of Brussels Summit

Tuesday, September 06, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan would face harsh difficulties in the way to attract aids, if it failed to present tangible achievements to the Brussels Summit members about what it pledged to bring positive changes in various spheres. The landmark gathering, in which issues on Afghanistan financial and economic situation would mainly be focused on, is expected to be held in Belgium’s Brussels, October this year, with membership from some 70 world nations and representatives from 30 international organizations. The summit, if Afghanistan could convince the donors would attract more aids, but if failed to offer clear evident of its efforts in fighting corruption and restoration of reforms, it would be too hard to draw donors aids. President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said his country has collected more achievements from his efforts against corruption and would attend the summit, with high accomplishments in different fields, including prevention of corruption and illegally extraction of mines. The president had earlier said his government would do its best to register properties of the government’s high ranking officials, reform the electoral and banking systems, complete his cabinet and appoint provincial governors, in order to could draw attention of the donor nations to Afghanistan. Meantime, the ministry of finance said all preparations have been made and the government had done what it committed to the international community. In other areas, which the government failed to have achievements, mostly is security challenges and the armed oppositions’ intensifying wars. The Afghan leader has pledged to continue seriously fighting corruption and added that he wanted to complete the process even in the price of his life.
UNMA Chairman has also said that he had witnessed some developments, but more needed to be done in this filed, with President Ghani pointing to 40 priorities to be presented at the Brussels Summit and that work on other affairs are being continued to complete the achievements. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems, the Afghans believed should be presented at the summit among the government’s priorities, as they persist key needs of the people should be taken to the conference. Government also said it had done much in the electoral reforms and the process would be completed until the summit is held. The summit, according to the experts would be a mere symbolic and empty of any achievements, if the government fails to offer clear evident to the summit about his effort in fighting corruption. This is while the government of national unity said it was firm in this field and would continue it in any price.
The ministry of finance, also said it had done much to increase exports, develop the country’s economy and provide transparent accountability and mutually ask the international community to continue economic cooperation with the poverty-battered nation. The NUG also assured that the international community’s economic and financial cooperation would continue beyond 2017 as military aids, committed by the international community at the Warsaw summit would continue till 2020 with the country’s security forces. This is while the government’s budget is depended on the domestic revenues and approximately 70 percent of the budget comes from the international aids, demonstrating that Afghanistan is still in need of the international aids.

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