Govt. Emphasizes On Priorities For Upcoming Brussels Conference

Saturday July 30, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Brussels conference is expected to be held on Oct 4-5 in Belgium.
Beside representatives of over 70 countries, the representatives of over 30 organizations would also attend it and would discuss continuation of political-financial cooperation. It is said that ten delegates representing the Afghan civil society would also take part in this summit and would present the Afghans priorities to the summit. Representatives of civil society said that work is going on in ten zones to hold meetings to elect their representatives for the national conference that would be held in Kabul and would pick up ten delegates to Brussels summit. The Afghans hope that the civil society would manage to present demands and priorities of people, because now a day beside security problems, the Afghans are at close quarters with other big problems. The Afghan youth are unemployed and to find jobs, they risk leaving the country and travel to European countries as many of them have already lost life. Beside that these youth join insurgents ranks due to unemployment, are victimized in fighting’s with the Afghan people legal bodies or nasty goals of neighboring countries.
The civil society should start investigation and research now that which affairs have been obstacles in socio, economic and political fields and don’t let Afghans to move ahead towards development. So the civil society representatives should take up the priorities of the Afghan people to attract global assistance and attention. If this job is not done, the problems are left behind, and we would not manage to receive world assistance for implementation of big national projects. At the same time, the Afghan government should make efforts to implement those commitments given to the international community including good governance, war on corruption, prevention of illegal mine extraction, and attracting of global confidence. The Afghan government had said it would accomplish registration of senior authorities’ properties, reforms of banking and electoral system, complete the cabinet and provincial governors before the Brussels conference. Some of the achievements of the Afghan government have already been released to Warsaw conference while some others require serious works.
The Afghan government managed to complete the cabinet, speed up war on corruption as according to the MoF, the incomes of current year have increased to 20pc. The government should try to reform electoral system and take preparation for the house and provincial council’s elections. Beside this the Afghan government is obliged to work more serious on reduction or elimination of corruption because this sinister phenomenon is still going on and has damaged the Afghans reputation at global arena. If the government fails to present evident on elimination of corruption, this conference would also be another symbolic conference like previous ones. At the present Afghanistan is in the first rank of the world most corrupt nations and corruption is the main reason behind all current domestic problems. The armed insurgents fund themselves from corruption in one hand and it damages global assistance and paves the way for drug trafficking on the other. The Afghan government should make efforts to remove ongoing problems with neighboring countries beside elimination of the internal reasons of the war as corruption is one of them. Because corruption causes our ANSF not to fight with full confidence and this nasty issue paves the way of insurgents influence into our security forces ranks and achieve their diabolical goals.
Hamidullah Faizi

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