Govt. Is Determined To Hold A Transparent, Fair Election, Void of Any Internal And External Interferences: Khalili

Sunday, April 06, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The US ambassador to Kabul met second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili, according to BNA.
In this meeting both sides discussed and exchanged views on necessary preparations for presidential and provincial councils’ elections and other issues of interest.
Khalili clarified that the intention and determination of the Afghan government is holding of a transparent fair election void of any internal and external interferences.
He also expressed pleasure over preparation of security forces for ensuring security of election and said that good preparations were taken either from security point of view or technical for holding of transparent elections by concerned bodies.
Second vice president described important the presence of domestic and international observers and media including civil society, political parties and presidential candidates for further holding of a transparent election.
In this meeting, the US ambassador James Coningam also described important holding of election for the future of political stability of Afghanistan and emphasized on its transparency. He also addressed successful holding of over 270 electoral programs as a sign of capability of government and Afghan security forces. Appreciating the interest of Afghan people for their vast participation in election, he called it as indicator of firm intention of people to determine their destiny.

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