Govt. Planned To Implement Commitments Prior To Brussels Conference

Saturday August 13, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The Brussels conference is due to be held in less than two months and would pave the way to provide non-military global aids in four years to Afghanistan.
But access to these aids depends up on achievements of the government. Prior to Brussels conference, the government should take steps for reforms of electoral system, war on corruption, support of women rights, improvement of private sectors, employment, reduction of poverty, improvement of banking system, planning and implementation of certain programs for sufficiency, reforms in judicial, legal system etc. Passing each day we get closer and closer to Brussels conference and the participants and donors closely follow somehow the general situation and activities of the Afghan government. These countries emphasize further beside other issues on war on corruption and holding of election. Therefore the upcoming Brussels conference would be a good opportunity to attract the attention of donors. As a cancer, corruption overthrows even active governments. The donors have conditioned their aids to war on corruption and request decisiveness of the NUG leaders in this war.
Now it is expected that the leaders would invite further attention in this mission and concentrate all efforts to attract aids. Afghanistan is expected to attend Brussels meeting with full hands as the NUG is committed to implement the given promises and certain effective steps have already been taken in that direction. The government has achieved some gains in war on corruption that show the government loyalty for eradication of this phenomenon. The Attorney General Office (AGO) which is one of the important organs of war on corruption and ensuring social justice in society, has now been witnessing vast changes. Public utility projects are opened and exploited respectively. Although special progress has not taken place in electoral reforms which is one of the serious commitments of the NUG but despite of that, small signs could be seen on electoral reforms programs in the government.
This meeting is important for Afghanistan from several points of view. Afghanistan should show that its international allies that would take practical steps for implementation of commitments given to the world and the people should be witnessing considerable progresses in war on corruption. The Brussels meeting has one message that Afghanistan is heading on right course that has caused to be supported by the world and be at the focus of global attention despite of challenges and crisis in the world countries. Afghan economist Azrekh Hafizi believes that with receiving of aids we should move towards real economy to provide job opportunities to people, support domestic products. The Brussels meeting is expected to be held on Oct 4.2016 with the participation of 70 countries and 30 global financial organizations in Belgium. The participants would announce promises to support Afghanistan. Prior to this the Warsaw meeting was held in Poland and at the conclusion the world countries announced support of Afghanistan until 2020.
Lailuma Noori

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