Graveyard Of Koshanian Era Discovers

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Baghlan (BNA) Afghan archeologists have succeeded to discover a graveyard which belongs to Koshanian era in Baghlan province this morning. 
This graveyard has been discovered during excavations of Afghan archeologists in Dasht-i-Kelagai, Doshi district. 
The graveyard discovered this morning, and has tens of graves from Koshanian time. 
Researcher Ketab Khan Faizi in charge of archeological team of the ministry of information and culture in Baghlan said to BNA, As per primary assessment of them, this graveyard belongs to Koshanian. 
Koshanian era reached to the first-fifth AC century.
Meanwhile, Nezamuddin Tokhi care-taker of information and culture Dept. of Baghlan told this news agency, they started investigations on this historical graveyard. 
Afghanistan having thousands year of history, consistently witnesses of huge civilizations.
The discovered relics from different parts of this country show the civilized of the homeland.

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