Hajj Pilgrims Enjoy Easy Program This Year

Wednesday August 31, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Hajj is one of the 5th pillars of Islam holy religion. For this purpose ever year, hundreds of thousands of Muslims from around the globe go to Saudi Arabia Macca and Madina holy cities and make Hajj pilgrimage and benefit its blessings.
All praise is to Allah the Almighty who has turned His Kaaba the manifestation of his pious servants’ worship and a base for the world Muslims unity and solidarity. Allah accepts his sinful servants and invites them to his banquet.
In this world, one of the main and important wishes of a Muslim is to attend shrine of Baitullah and the holy grave of great prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and performance of Hajj pilgrimage. Muslims enthusiastically go to Macca and Madina and does his/her best to perform it properly. Since Hajj pilgrimage is a physical and financial worship, sometimes, the pilgrims due to illness fail to perform it. Those who manage to achieve this great prosperity due to grace of Allah and achieve this big gift of Omnipotent should make thanks and be thankful.      
Hajj creates great change in individual, social, economic, political and cultural life. It affects family, local and social environment. The servant should remain loyal and sincere and steadfast to his/her promise with his creator and be a sample of virtue and honestly in his society.
On dispatching of Hajj and facilities provided by the ministry of hajj and endowment, director of Relations and Public Information of the MoHE, Murtaza Hamed said, in current year, over 24000 people are expected to go to Saudi Arabia. Facilities including transportation, food, accommodation medical services have been available to hajjis. 6 qualified doctors have been employed. A cultural committee has also been organized to provide awareness to hajjis. Classrooms have been available to teach Hajjis how to perform Hajj rites. In current years we plan he added, to take hajjis by rail from Mona to Arafat and vice versa to Mona and their tents. Last year we had fortunately no casualties. Answering another question about which airline is expected to airlift to Saudi Arabia, he said the Ariana Afghan Airlines (AAA) as a semi private, semipublic airline would take them while other private airlines would only airlift those who go to Omra hajj.
The MoHE shoulders no responsibility on airlifting of hajjis to Omra by private airlines. In ten days, all volunteers will be sent to Saudi Arabia. The ticket price is less than $1000 that includes rural trip. Alhaj Hesamuddin Hasham said fortunately this year all essential facilities including transportation, accommodation and living conditions have been available to our hajjis here and in Saudi Arabia. But unfortunately some people don’t observe social and ethical delicacies and create disturbance to others during flight, or in bus or in lift that causes disorder. Some people dispute over slight issue with others and even insult each other which are against humanitarian and Islamic norms. Whenever a person decides to make pilgrimage of Mecca and Medina, he/she should bring essential changes with his/her body, try not to disturb others, be careful in his social relations and make sincere approach with his colleagues. Each hajji represents his/ her country.
Masouda Qarizada   

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