Haqqani Network Seeking Center Inside Afghanistan

Saturday September 3, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The ministry of defense said the other day that the Haqqani Terrorist Network was seeking safe sanctuaries and training centers inside the country’s soil, but added the network would face irrecusably reaction by the security forces.
The ministry confirmed that like the Taliban militants and Daesh group, the Haqqani Network was seeking center in the Afghan soil of Western Paktia, under the neighboring intelligence earlier plan to send the Quetta Council to the Helmand province, where they faced harsh reaction by the country’s forces. In the series of the Afghan security forces mopping up operations, the troubled Jani Khil district was cleared of the insurgents.
“The country’s security forces are capable to suppress the militants and foil their dreams of seeking asylums inside the country,” said the ministry of defense in a statement.
By forcing the terrorist network to find training centers inside Afghanistan, Pakistan’s intelligence is planning to show to the world that the terrorist centers are not inside the Pakistani soil but, inside Afghanistan, but the international community, particularly, the US understand that Pakistan’s government was supporting the Haqqani network and therefore it stepped up to prevention of annual aids to the neighboring country. The main concern is that, terrorism doesn’t recognize any border, but it’s the enemy of the human being, and should be fought countrywide. The terrorist threats are not only limited in Afghanistan, but would endanger the world countries, as well, so the Pakistan government should be imposed pressures to refrain from training and supporting terrorism and extremism. The national Security Council has ordered the country’s security forces to increase anti militants operation in the eastern province of Nangarhar, and continue counterterrorism offensives until their full elimination. Recently, in a visit to the friendly Indian country, the country’s Chief of Army Staff, Gen. 
Qadam Shah Shaheem presented a military wish-list to the authorities with the Indian government vowing to do more in this field as fighting terrorism was the duty of the world. India said it was fully ready for any kind of cooperation with Afghanistan. The Indian minister of defense in a meeting with his US counterpart spoke about the current situation of Afghanistan, where the Pakistan government was blamed for supporting and financing terrorism. The US secretary of defense has vowed to include Pakistan into the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) blacklist if it still persist supporting terrorist groups like Haqqani and the extremists’ Quetta Council. This is while wars are said to have been intensifying in Jani Khil district of eastern Paktia province, and in eastern Nangarhar conflicts are also flamed between the security forces and the Daesh group, as well as in the Northern provinces like Baghlan, Kunduz and southern province of Helmand.
Hamidullah Faizi

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