Hashmat Khalil Karzai Named Shaheed of Nation

Saturday, August 13, 2016
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghanion Thursday conferred Shaheed of nation title on late Hashmat Khalil Karzai, former member of Kandahar provincial council and cousin of former president Hamid Karzai during an official ceremony held in his honor at the Presidential Palace here the other day.
The title was conferred on Hashmat Karzai on the occasion of his second death anniversary which was officially commemorated at the Presidential Palace where former President Hamid Karzai, Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and other officials were present.
Addressing the gathering, Hekmat Khalil Karzai deputy political minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and brother of the late Hashmat Khalil Karzai, representing the family said that late Hashmat Khan had learnt national ethic and patriotism from his family, callingHashmat Khalil’s assassination a sacrifice for peace.
“Still many friends ask me that what the assassination of your brother proved? I can say that his true feelings for the country proved that he was a nation-oriented man,” he said.
Speaking at his death anniversary, President Ghani said.
Hashmat Karzai was a peace loving personally whose dream was to see a stable and peaceful Afghanistan.
The president said Hashmat Karzai belonged to an influential family, but had a place in the hearts of common people because his only objective was to serve the people.
He was a generous personality, wanted to live among his people was keen to see the youth educated and the war-torn country stabilized, President Ghani said.
CEO Abdullah recalled achievements of Hashmat Karzai and said, Martyrdom brings unity national integrity and strength to the nation and” the CEO urged the people not to differentiate among the martyrs of all of them had scarified their lives for a single cause. He said Hashmat was a brave, strong believer, generous and strongman, “I did not met him but heard about his bravery and good things he did which was extremely inspiring.” He added.
Hashmat Karzai was cousin of Hamid Karzai and strong supporter of the incumbent president during his election campaign Hashmat was killed in a suicide attack at his residence in Dand District in 2014. In line with a presidential order, Hashmat Khalil Karzai was conferred the title of Shaheed-i-Millat and his son was awarded the state medal of Ghazi Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan during the ceremony.

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