Health; The Right of Everybody

Monday August 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Thousands urban and rural countrymen and women and children have been affected with diverse diseases due to poverty, unemployment, lack of medical facilities, environmental pollution, etc…, while tens private and public clinics and hospitals with or without essential resources including modern medical equipment, skilled, educated and qualified doctors are established and operating throughout Afghanistan specially in major cities and attract attention of people and patients and families with their commercial advertisements. We realize the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of these commercial facilities only when we take step into their corridors and see what is going on inside these so-called medical service centers. Several days it has been seen that poor patients who don’t afford payment of huge fees and treatment expenditure while most of them are rural, left disappointedly these centers despite of painful physical conditions and referred to government hospitals. Fortunately, despite of lack of essential medical facilities and shortage of medical equipment in these places, the patients have been medicated free of charge or with slight expenses.
Those who have been treated despite of limited resources repeatedly have raised their hands and prayed and thanked Allah the Great for operation of government hospitals otherwise poor patients even affected with ordinary diseases had no other option except to submit to death. Some other rich patients, who afforded travel to India or Pakistan for treatment. It means that private clinics and hospitals have merely been established to empty the people packets and even some of them according to some patients have been changed to moral corruption. Centers we request the serious attention of NUG authorities to inspect and control them time and again and force them to observe medical norms and take into account economic living condition of people.
Waqar Ahmad Momand

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