Heavy Fatalities of Taliban In Ghazni Fresh Clashes

Monday August 29, 2016

Ghazni City (BNA) Taliban militants have been sustained heavy losses during fresh clashes with Afghan security forces in southern Ghazni province.
The clashes took place during the last 24 hours in different parts of the province.
First clashes occurred when a group of armed oppositions attacked on a security shell in Qara Bagh district of the province.
A commander of Afghan National Army said BNA, eight insurgents were killed and six others were wounded during the clashes.
Second clashes occurred, while a group of rebels attacked on security checkpoints in Deh Yak district of the province.
Six armed rebels were killed and six others were injured in the clashes, a police commander stated.
According to another report, 13 militants were killed during two separate clashes with Afghan security forces in limits of Ander district and Ghazni city.  
The militants, while were involved on organizing terrorist activities targeted and killed by security personnel.
There were no casualties among civilian and Afghan security forces following the clashes.
It has been said, several weapons of armed insurgents have been seized by Afghan security forces at the end of the clashes.

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