HEC Discusses Key Issues

Saturday, September 03, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the president of the Islamic Republic Afghanistan, the High Economic Council meeting discussed some key issues including the program of issuing new and advanced driving license and the national army’s foodstuff procurements plan, according to a statement from the presidential office. Under the draft, the deputy political and strategic minister of interior presented to the meeting, the entire system of issuing driving licenses would be computerized and changed from paper into computer in accordance to the world standards, the statement said adding the plan if practiced would help reduce corruption as well.
The specifications of the drivers and their photos would be lodged in a digitalized card, with the driver, before receiving the license has to be checked medically, in addition to undergoing training courses.
The president thanked the ministry of interior for arranging the draft and said the plan provided by the ministry would reduce corruption and warned that the work of the traffic department enforcing corruption was not acceptable, according to the statement. The meeting asked the ministry of interior, particularly the Traffic Department for arranging a draft under which, the department could be reformed, with the report should be presented to the next meeting the high economic council, the statement added.
The HEC resolved that for bringing adjustment in the traffic law, there was a need for a special meeting of the related minsters, representatives from the house of people and the entire organs concerned, the statement added.
Foodstuff of the ministry of defense has also been presented to the meeting, in which availability of corruption, low quality food of the soldiers and unnecessarily involvement of many of them in the providing and procurement of the food, had been reported concerning, the statement added. The HEC said the 25 percent increase in the Afghan domestic products would lead to the growth of the private sector and the small and big traders, according to the statement.
The president said there was a different between the procurements system of the ministry of interior and the ministry of national defense, and added there as a need to bring changes and reforms in the ministry of interior.
The council tasked the ministry of agriculture to arrange a specific plan for how effective was the capability of the private sector in procurement of the Afghan products as well as how much was the share of the private sector in this field. The council also resolved that the menu of the ministry of national defense should be reviewed, in which, the country’s products, particularly fruits and vegetables should be lodged and most importantly, the Afghan products should be preferred in it, the statement concluded. 

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