Helmand War Needs More Airstrikes, Backup Forces

Sunday, August 21, 2016
Kabul (BNA) However, the Taliban militants are moving forward and getting closed to Lashkargah, the southern Helmand province’s center, the Afghan special forces are striving to protect their under control areas which are 10 miles far from the center.
One of the main reasons behind war in Helmand is drug smuggling an important financial source to the insurgents, as the large amount of opium is produced in the province. Of the total areas where were earlier controlling by the government forces have been decreased. Four districts, including Musa Qala and Nawzad where had been earlier at the focal point of thousands of U.S. and coalition forces, are now being controlled by the Taliban. Therefore, to prevent collapse of 10 more districts that are now under control of the government needs continued airstrikes and backup forces. The terrible moment in Helmand province reflects the current state of the Afghan war. Time and again, the Afghanistan, with American help, pushed the insurgents out. Then the insurgents come back. And then, the Americans increased their help for the Afghan security forces. The Afghan officials are stressing that the government should dispatch senior Generals and military officials to Helmand to closely supervise the situation and prevent Lashkargah from collapse.
Recently, the U.S. President Barack Obama has authorized the American commanders to use airstrikes more aggressively to help with Afghan offensives, as in Helmand, 10,000 US soldiers and hundreds of military advisors have been deployed to help the Afghan security forces. The Taliban continue to have a deep reservoir of resources, financed in large part by the opium trade, which allows the group to remain well-stocked with weaponry. Despite repeated efforts by the U.S. to greatly reduce or eliminate the opium, any progress has proved temporary. Moreover, this war is an unequal war between the insurgents and the Afghan security forces, as the insurgents are ready to attack and die but the Afghan soldiers are doing their best to protect their people and strongholds.
Helmand governor, Hayatullah Hayat said, recently, 210 Taliban militants have been killed and 40 injured, as well as 15 Afghan security forces have been martyred and 35 others injured in the battles in the province so far.

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