Herat Youth, Civil Activists, Women Drum Up Support for Republic in Afghanistan

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, met with the youth and representatives of the civil society of Herat on Thursday evening during his visit to the western province, a presidential palace statement added.

At the outset Sayed Kabir Hossaini on behalf of the civil society and Dr. Shakila representing the provincial youth spoke and appreciated President’s programs for peace, establishment of the High Youth Council and the Youth Parliament, inauguration of the TAPI project and opening of Herat – Khwaf railway.

“We are committed to maintaining the republic system and this is a national and Islamic value of ours and in addition to pen, we are ready to take up arms in order to maintain the system,” they added.

The speakers also voiced suggestions for launching master’s courses, establishing youth departments in ministries, and establishing a committee for the safety of civil activists.

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh stressed the need for peace and solidarity in the country and said that key to peace lies in the hands of the Afghan people.

After listening to them, President Ghani said that the youth own the country and should take more responsibility for serving their homeland and people. The President welcomed the plans and efforts of the youth of Herat, adding that the relevant departments will take appropriate measures to address their demands.

During his Herat visit, President Ghani also met the provincial women and called on them to expand their networks and communication, adding that their voices will be heard in peace talks.

“You are the daughters of Gawharshad Begum. You must not forget your role in the history of Afghanistan and Afghan women will never be marginalized,” the president said, as quoted in a presidential palace statement.

The president also added that women, the government and the private sector should have a clear development vision and have a clear economic debate, and that women should play a valuable role in education reform.

Sonia Kakar and Sweeta Sharif spoke on behalf of the other women and thanked the President for his support, emphasizing the effective position of women in the peace process and maintaining the achievements and the republic system, adding that they will not go back and would stand by Afghan government and the republic system.

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