High Economic Council’s Session Held

Tuesday September 6, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the economic high council’s session was held Sunday evening at presidential palace. In the session, Afghanistan national network and energy self-sustaining plan and investment draft on second phase of Kajaki dam were discussed. Advisor to President on infrastructure, human resources and technology affairs Dr. Mohammad Humayoun Qayoumi briefed related to Afghanistan national network and energy self-sustaining plan prepared by ministry of water and energy. Qayoumi said transmission of importing electricity had $ ten millions losses annually due to problems in transmitting infrastructures, adding that the losses would cut down by implementation of the self-sustaining plan and creating national network for transmission of Afghanistan electricity.
Afterwards, minister of water and energy Ali Ahmad Osmani said that current master plan of electricity had problems, adding that based on the current master plan, transmission of the electricity to all country with low price was in priority, but change in exchange rate has caused problems in the plan.
Meanwhile, second vice president Sarwar Danesh created a range of questions related to the respective plan. “When will the master plan renew? There is gap in the master plan and about four provinces are not included, are these four provinces included or not? Is Doshi included in the new project of 220 volt?” Danesh questioned, adding that resource for the coming five years’ budget should be clarified. After hearing visions of members of the session, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said they had specified itinerary in the past two years and today the first step has been taken for ownership of Afghanistan. The country’s President while stressing on enhancement of capacity in ministry of water and energy said clear specifications and shortages should be completed. “We are ready to make use of CBR process to build capacities,” President Ghani said, adding that clear priority should be done in connection with water and energy. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani further said that the key for funding the respective plan was in hand of private sector, later regional and then international donors. In the session, Qayoumi was tasked to review various kinds of funds in a particular group.
He asserted that private sector had clear role in the respective plan, while the government’s role was coordinative adding that private sector should say in a program how they participated in the plan and investment bank should be created in the sector and Afghanistan central bank was obliged to cooperate in this regard. At the end, the country’s President asserted that 25% domestic products have been preferred and there should be agreement between the government and private sector so that money would enter to economic axel. He said that a consultative group of investors should be organized to discuss issues in meetings with the President.

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