High State Commission Holds Session

Monday, March 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Interior Minister, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, the high state commission meeting was convened in which the funeral and prayer ceremony for Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the First-Vice President of the country was discussed.
During the discussion, the four securities, procurement, ceremonial and cultural committees were formed to coordinately assess the related tips and present the details to the next commission session, Bakhtar News Agency reported.
The security committee led by Gen. Shir Mohammad Karimi, chief of army staffs for the ministry of national defense, the procurement committee chaired by Ikramuddin Yawar, deputy interior minister, the ceremonial committee chaired by Hamid Seddiq, head of ceremony for the ministry of interior and the cultural committee under the chairmanship by deputy minister of information and culture, Sayed Mussaddiq Khalili met and discussed the agendas pertaining to the funeral ceremony of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim.
The commission’s second session for Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim’s funeral ceremony was also held under the interior minister’s chairmanship and assessed what was work out by the four committees.
Praising the works of the committees the members presented their viewpoints for further splendorous holding of the ceremony.
The dead body of Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim, the country’s first-vice president is expected to be held in Kabul on Tuesday.

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