House Of People Condemns Martyrdom Of 16 Civilians In Kandahar

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The general session of House of people chaired by Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi strongly condemned the martyrdom of the 16 innocent civilian’s women, children and elderly people by the US soldier in Panjwayee of Kandahar province.
It is said that after this wild night attack by the US soldier on the residential homes on 21 of Hoot, the deputies of the house of People voiced their strong hatred over this tragic attack.
They called this as inhuman act by the US soldiers and asked for trial of the perpetrators of this criminal action.
The deputies while offering prayers for the souls of the martyrs wished early recovery for the wounded of this incident.
They said that such incidents repeated by the foreign soldiers with each passing day and the asked serious attention of the NATO authorities and they rejected the allegation of the US soldier suffering from a mental ailment.
The meeting assigned a delegation to investigate this tragic incident and bring back the results of their findings to be presented to the general meeting of the House of People.
The meeting ended by issuing of an official resolution condemning this tragic action of the US soldiers and as a protest they left the hall of the House of People and in front of the National Assembly in a gathering they demanded open trial of the perpetrators of this massacre.

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