House Of People Debates 1391 Fiscal Year Budget

Sunday, April 01, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The House of People yesterday with Abdul Zahir the first deputy of the house on the chair discussed the 1391 fiscal year budget yesterday. 
In the debate, Amir Khan Yar the head of the financial commission briefed the House about the change has been brought in the budget by the Finance Ministry adding 2 million US dollars have been added to the development budget and said one million US dollars has been allocated in building mosques, another one million allocated in building health clinics, hospitals for addicts and another half million US dollars for construction of club for disabled people. 
Moreover, the lawmakers also discussed the soaring gas and fuel price, dying more than 200 people due to natural disaster including avalanche over the past two months, the problems of students in the university entry test in 1390 and failure of huge number of students to find their way to universities, administrative corruption, security problems, night raid operations in Helmand and the proposed signing of the strategic partnership with the United States of America. 
It was also stressed that humanitarian assistance to the avalanche affected people should not be politicized.

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