IEC Decides To Discard Fake Votes

Saturday April 19, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) on Tuesday announced that it has decided to invalidate the votes which have been reached to the commission without the stamp and signature of the observers and the election commission officials.
The election commission has repeatedly reaffirmed commitment to pursue vote-counting process in a fair and transparent manner. 2014 elections also saw some frauds and ballot box stuffing than was the case in the previous elections. According to election observers and monitors most of the illegalities and improprieties that did take place were conducted by the IEC staff.
The IEC has pledged to disqualify the result sheets that are lacking proper packaging and validation. So far the election commission has received up to 400 packs of result sheets in it is headquarter in Kabul and commission is preparing to quarantine the packs that lack IEC stamp or endorsement and signature from observers.
“We have received some of the result sheets in yellow packs and some of them in white packs while these pack were prepared for training materials,” IEC chief Ahmad Yousaf Nuristani said. According to the IEC, special packages had been sent to provincial election offices to be used to contain the result sheets from each polling center, but in some cases they were not used or were clearly tampered with. Each center’s package was intended to include the result from two to four polling sites. “One of the important issues was that some of the packages containing the result sheets were sent against the procedures,” IEC commissioner Sarir Ahmad Barmak said.
A number of observers representing presidential candidates have claimed that even some of the result sheets properly packaged were inconsistent with vote registry numbers, suggesting there could still be illegitimate votes among them.
“Some of the documents neither signed by the election observers nor they have the stamp of IEC and signature of the observers and these votes are fake,” IEC commissioner Laila Ehrai said. “The forms the lack the signature and endorsement of local IEC officials were not genuine, the law and the procedures also emphasize on that,” another commissioner Sarir Ahmad Barmak. “The result sheets have been sent in normal forms and normal papers, they lack stamp and signature and not genuine,” IEC secretariat Chief Zia-Ul-Haq Amarkhail said. It is quite significant to mention that the presidential candidate and their observers have mounted majority of the allegations and criticisms on the vote counting process and they have urged that the electoral bodies of Afghanistan must focus on the fairness and transparency of the vote counting process.

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