IEC Praises MoI Officers

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The Independent Election Complaint Commission (IECC) praised some MoI officers for their outstanding performance in bringing a peaceful election.
According to BNA, Gen. Mohamad Salem Ehsas, police chief for MoI and head of the election’s security commission, Col. Mohammad Sharif Khalid, commander for unit of prominent figures, Wali Khan Ahmad, operational manager of police directorate for MoI and colonel Jamshid, head of prominent figures office were commended by IECC for their efforts in providing transparent and fair elections.
Abdul Sattar Saadat, director of IECC while thanking for their performance, awarded them the appreciation letters for their tireless efforts in paving the way for voters to cast their ballots in a peaceful environment.

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