IEC to Announce Final Election Results Soon: Nooristani

Friday September 12, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Yousaf Nooristani head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) committed to announcing the final results of the second round of election next week.
According to BNA report, we have decided to announce the final results of the election during next week and the decision is confirmed there is no reason for delay, Nooristani said.
Nooristani added, the election commission is expected to move ahead with the results announcement regardless of where the candidates stand on their still ongoing political negotiations.
He further added, after announcing of the final results if there is a crisis in the country, responsibility will be with those who lead and create the crisis and the election commission will not be responsible in this respect.
The officials of Independent Election Commission (IEC), while talking about the end and announces of finals results, which Dr. Abdullah Abdulah’s team remains officially cut off from the election commission and confirmed that they didn’t accepted the final results.

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