India To Support Afghanistan In War On Terror, Officials

Tuesday August 16, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Recently, the Indian embassy’s officials have declared that their country is committed to continue cooperation with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism.
Manpreet Vohra, Indian ambassador to Kabul said, ‘India appreciates efforts of the National Unity Government (NUG) in different fields, particularly strengthening democracy, fighting extremism and administrative corruption and is ready to continue cooperation with it in fighting terrorism.’  Meanwhile, calling expansion of Afghanistan-India relations important, a number of political experts and lawmakers stressed that having relations with one country should not affect relations with others. Ali Kazemi, a member of the international relations commission of lower house of the parliament said, ‘the Indian officials are concerned on Pakistani supporting insurgent groups’ penetration to Afghanistan after fully withdrawal of the international forces.’
Besides, India is among the countries that has tasted terrorism as like as Afghanistan, therefore, it is making effort to cooperate with the government in fighting terrorism—a move that is warmly welcomed by the Afghans, Kazemi further said.’ Amir Mohammad, a political expert told that instability in Afghanistan can directly affect India as well, adding India is really concerned on influence of the insurgent groups to Afghanistan after complete drawdown of the foreign forces. Presence of the Taliban in Afghanistan will strengthen the Pakistani Taliban in tribal areas in Panjab—a group that has been operational in Kashmir and inside India for years, Amir Mohammad further said. On the other, India has been one of the largest donors of Afghanistan in different fields in recent years, therefore, if insecurity is intensified, its construction projects will be seriously threatened in the country, he added. Another political expert, Ali Rahmani said, ‘India is a country where has always assisted Afghanistan in various sections over the last fourteen years and enjoys good relations with the government and people of Afghanistan. Therefore, if Afghanistan is threatened, the entire region will be threatened and India is really concerned on fully withdrawal of the international forces from the country.’
Meanwhile, a number of citizens expressed gratitude to India for its assistance over the last years, they believe that India is a friend country and has maintained good relations with Afghanistan in the course of history therefore; they assure the people of Afghanistan to be alongside them and would never leave them alone. A private university lecturer, Fariha said, India is making effort to support the Afghan government works as it has always done, therefore, its old relations with Afghanistan indicate it believes that insecurity is neither to the benefit of Afghanistan nor the region. This is while that India has assisted more than $2billion in different fields to Afghanistan over the past years, and is a country that Afghanistan has signed the first strategic agreement with. 
Surarya Raiszada

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