International Community Should Channel Aids Via Afghan government, ACCI


Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chairman and members of the chambers of commerce and industries in its meeting with president Karzai emphasized on the economic growth of the country after withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan.
At the meeting Qurban Haqjo chairman of Board of Directors of Chambers of Commerce and Industries emphasized that the government should attach attention towards expansion of production, industries and export of the Afghan carpets. 
He added that before the withdrawal of foreign forces, the government should through huge investments in mining, mechanized agriculture, building of dams, energy and industries expansion and resolve the transit problems with Pakistan and Central Asia. 
He emphasized that the international community’s aid should be channeled through the government as it was revealed during the past years that money channeled via the government has given good results in growth of national economy and the results of national economy and the results of direct aid by the foreign sources resulted in relative improvements. 
Haqjo added that in order that Afghanistan soon become strong economically and stand on its feet deep improvement should come about within the government and corruption is stopped. 
He proposed that after withdrawal of foreign forces a vast conference with the participation of intellectuals, government authorities, representatives of foreign agencies, lecturers of universities, representatives of the private sector and civil society to study the economic status of the country and this will prove positive. 
President Karzai addressing the chairman and members of the chambers of commerce said that the international community committed themselves at the second Bonn Conference that after 2014 up to 2024 will assist Afghanistan in different spheres, however it is necessary that Afghanistan should study its own situation and take the initiative itself and some steps have been taken in this direction as well. 
He called the proposals advanced as positive and added that in the near future he will meet with the industrialists and members of the chambers of commerce and he consult them on improving economic status in the country.

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