Investigations Underway On Pakistani Chopper’s Emergency Landing

Sunday August 7, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Following the emergency landing of a Pakistani helicopter in Azreh district, Logar province, the Afghan MoD authorities said that the Pakistani government had received permit for one helicopter to cross over Afghanistan space.
The MoD spokesman BG Dawlat Waziri said: Investigations have already started and going on. It is not clear that whether the crashed helicopter is the helicopter that had received flight permission or not? He added, the Pakistani government had received a permit for transferring of a helicopter to Russia for repairing, through the Afghan MoFA, from the Ministry of Aviation. Investigation would clear the details. The ANSF have been ordered not to spare any efforts for release of kidnaped crew of the crashed helicopter. In the wake of the helicopter crash in Afghanistan territory, in a telephone contact with the Afghan president, the chief of Pakistan Army Gen. Rahil Sharif asked him to cooperate for release of kidnapped crew. Gen. Rahil Sharif said that the helicopter with seven crews including a Russian engineer had flown from Panjab, Pakistan and was heading to Russia for repairing. But the Russian authorities of MoFA have not commented on this issue yet. Talking on the official and unofficial efforts for release of crews of the helicopter, prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif said that he would not spare any efforts for release of crews.
Afghan law makers and military, political experts requested the Afghan government authorities to make comprehensive investigations on this issue and give information to the Afghan people on details. Law maker Hashimi said details on this issue should be made clear by Afghan authorities that if it was due to a technical problem, or not. Efforts should be made for release of crews. Amir Mohammad a military-political analyst said, this is a controversial issue for the Afghan people. The helicopter crashed in a Taliban controlled area and no doubt Taliban had already known about it. The question raises here is this that following the emergency landing, why it was set blazed. Jamal Farahmand another ex-military officer said how permission was given to a helicopter that needed repairing. The Afghan government should clear all ambiguous aspects of this issue. Pakistani military authorities have always been accused of collaboration with Taliban militia for insecurity of Afghanistan based on reliable evident. Flying of foreign airplanes and helicopters over Afghan air space should take place in previous awareness and coordination of the Afghan government concerned authorities.
Suraya Raiszada

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