Iqbal Lahori’s Translated Books Unveiled

Saturday, August 27, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Bal-e-Jibrael and Zarb-e-Kalim, two books of Alama Iqbal Lahori and which were translated by cultural attaché of Afghanistan embassy to Iran Mohammad Afsar Rahbin from Urdu to Dari, were unveiled in a ceremony held in Kabul with participation of deputy ministers of information and culture, Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, cultural director for ECO, knowledgeable figures and other domestic and foreign writers. In the ceremony held in Babur Shah garden of Kabul on the occasion of ending Khodawangar-e-Balkh international symposium, deputy minister on admin, finance and tourism for information and culture Zardasht Shams spoke related to the symposium and considered work of the symposium as positive, saying that holding such symposium appreciated works of the country’s cultural figures, was one of the MoIC tasks and the ministry was praising the ECO cultural organization for holding the symposium.
Zardasht Shams asserted that today Alama Iqbal Lohori’s two famous books, translated by Mohammad Afsar Rahbin were unveiling.
Afterwards, ECO director Dr. Eftikhar Hussain Arif spoke and praised ministry of information and culture for cooperation and hospitality.
He regarded celebration of cultural and academic figures of the ECO member countries as priorities of the organization.
Meanwhile, in the ceremony, Mohammad Afsar Rahbin spoke and briefed related to the two books of Alama Iqbal Lohori.

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