Japan Assists $111 Million Worth Of Assistance To Afghanistan

Sunday, March 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Memorandums of Understanding on six economic projects involving Japan’s $111 million worth of assistance to Afghanistan was signed by Jawed Ludin Deputy foreign minister for political affairs and Mr. Reiichiro Takahashi ambassador of Japan to Kabul. 
The event held yesterday at the ministry of foreign affairs was attended by Mr. Mustafa Mastoor deputy minister of fiancé and Mr. Yoshikazu Yamada representative of JAIA. 
The said projects include:
1.  Rehabilitation and expansion of aircraft parking Apron of Kabul Airport worth $22 million,
2. Expansion of the existing Bamyan Airport at the cost of $14.2 million,
3. Improvement of east-west connecting road in the north of Kabul at the cost of $28 million,
4. Improvement of Kabul University at the cost of $7.5 million,
5. Development of small irrigation systems in the suburb of Kabul at the cost of approximately $7.8 million,
6. Grant worth $31.5 million.
Mr. Ludin after the signing of the memorandums of understanding said “today we are signing the memorandums of understanding when tomorrow will be precisely one year from the Tsunami tragedy which claimed the lives of many of the Japanese people. 
The government of Japan despite the damages incurred as a result of the natural disaster remains from in assisting the people of Afghanistan.”  
Ludin on behalf of the government and the people of Afghanistan for Japan’s generous assistance over the past years expressed appreciation and gratitude. 
He said “We are deeply grateful for Japan’s commitment to and friendship with Afghanistan.”
Mr. Takahashi thanked for the sympathy of the government and the people of Afghanistan at the threshold of the first anniversary of the deadly Tsunami quake. 
He said “a main part of the projects contained within today’s memorandums are trilateral programs which will be implemented jointly by Japan and the New Zealand PRT in Bamyan. 
The implementation and actualizing of these projects will play an effective role in the strengthening of reconstruction capacity and private sector hence the strengthening of Afghanistan’s economic system.” 
After the implementation of the $111 million projects Japan’s assistance in the reconstruction of Afghanistan over the past ten years will total to $4 billion.

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