Kabul Citizens Expressing Concern Over Growing Criminal Activities

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Kabul (BNA)  A number of countrymen are concerning over enhancement of criminal activities in Kabul city especially in 11th district and accuse security men that fall short of maintaining security for citizens.
They say: commuting of unscrupulous armed men has been increased in 11th district and this issue had behind serious concern for residents of this district.
But the police authorities in 11th district of Khairkhana of Kabul city suggested that so far, three cases of murdering are occurred in this district and the culprits were arrested by police. Chief of police in 11th zone of Kabul city, Kabir Barmak in the connection said: Any cases which taken place in police 11th zone, the culprits are arresting by police. Three cases of murdering were occurred in this district so far and the murderers were captured by police of the zone. But the residents of this district and some other ones in their interviews expressing concern over increment of criminal cases want from security institutions to make serious effort for maintaining security of citizens.
One of civil society’s activists Musaddiq Hassas says: Recently, not only in 11th districts but in other districts of Kabul city too, disarrays have been increased. While accusing the security command of Kabul for negligence in his duty, he said that existence of modern weapons sans any legal permit at the hands of aforementioned individuals with paying only Afs. 5000 can threat the life of any one, we want from government to maintain the security of countrymen. In a fresh event, a neurologist in the name of Shokour was targeted by unscrupulous armed men in related area of 15th zone and injured seriously. His son Mohammad Yasin regarding the issue says: In the course of last week, it was 11 p.m. three armed men with covered faces entered into pharmacy and beat my father. His back bone injured seriously and brought all his money.
From the beginning, the case was pursuing. But unfortunately, no step has been taken in the connection so far, Shokour added: I am a physician my only aim is serving my people. I don’t want to leave my country for abroad by such threats. I want government to maintain the security of life and livelihood of countrymen. At the same time, recently a number of unscrupulous armed men attacked on a house and fired on all family members that as a result, two sons of this family were martyred and two other injured seriously. After passing two days, another son of this family was also martyred. This family wants justice from government and also wants police institutions to maintain the security of Kabul citizens. Enhancement of armed murdering and theft and kidnapping caused the concern of parliament as well. MPs say: recently, criminal activities and insecurities are ascending in the city. Member of defense commission of parliament, Ali Akbar Qasemi in the connection said: the security institution should explore seriously the criminal activities and maintain the security of citizens. Hinting to few cases occurred within less than one month in Kabul city, he emphasized that the people want from security men to end this nightmare.
Another MP, Maryam Kofi who was targeted by armed men in Arya Township few months ago says: some terrorist groupings are involving in insecurities of Kabul city and are making effort to keep insecure the city. If the security in-charges not to behave responsibly and not to explore the cases seriously, the people would be compelled to maintain their security themselves. But, the spokesman of ministry of interior, Seddiq Seddiqi while asking for cooperation of people with police for maintaining of security of Kabul citizens, emphasizes that maintaining the security of citizens is the duty of police and the latter makes effort to punish the culprits behind recent events according to the law. I assure all citizens completely, they would spare from any effort for maintaining security of citizens. At the same time, head of investigation department of crime branch of Kabul security command, Feraidoun Obaidi confirming occurrence of several criminal cases in Kabul city says: The roots of such cases are hidden in family violence and investigation in the connection is underway. We continue our effort for prevention of criminal activities and maintaining security for citizens. This is in a time that at the second night of Eid, a young man sprayed poison on the faces of three girls of Kabul city and fled the scene.
Suraya Raiszada

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