Kalashnikov’s Bullet Depot Discovered In Kabul-Jalalabad Highway

Sunday August 7, 2016

Jalalabad City (BNA) A huge Kalashnikov’s shell depot have been discovered and seized by security forces in Kabul-Jalalabad highway.
The depot while transferring from Kabul to Jalalabad city the provincial capital of Nangarhar province discovered by security personnel in Daronta area of the highway.
Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiwal spokesman of Nangarhar in the press conference said, more than 30,000 Kalashnikov’s bullets have been seized from the depot and a person was detained accused of the case.
According to report, the discovered shells skillfully placed in a vehicle type of Falankoch.
So far it is not clear that the arrested person had link with terrorist groups or no.
According to another report, 23 people were arrested accused of different criminal offensives includes murderer, robbery, kidnapping, buying and selling narcotic drug and illicit activities by policemen in different parts of Nangarhar province.

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