Kamal Sadat Appreciated For Providing Better Facilitations to Youth

Tuesday, August 02, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister of youth affairs and acting minister of information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadat was appreciated by national coordination commission for political parties and civil society organizations.
Head of the commission Mohammad Ibrahim Rahimi and a number of members of the commission in a meeting with acting minister of information and culture Dr. Kamal Sadat named him as acting cultural figure and appreciated him for providing better facilities to Afghan youth.
In the meeting, head of the commission said that anything fulfilled so far by Dr. Kamal Sadat for providing high education facilities to the country’s youth and encouragement of youth for participation in social and political mobility was appreciated by members of the commission, adding that they were supporting programs implemented by Sadat in connection with improvement of culture and expansion of role of youth in various political, economic and social fields.
In the meeting, the commission’s appreciation certificate was granted by Mohammad Ibrahim Rahimi to Dr. Kamal Sadat.
Acting minister of information and culture praised the commission and regardedintentions of the commission as fruitful towards national coordination and unity of political and social organizations of the country.

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