Kandahar Elders to President: Dignified Peace is All Afghans’ Wish

Kabul (BNA) The President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of elders and influential figures of Kandahar province here yesterday morning, a presidential statement said.

During the meeting, first Sayed Jan Khakrizwal, provincial council chief, Mohammad Osman, Mullah Sayed Ahmad, Feda Mohammad and Aref Noorzai, representatives of southern Kandahar province in Wolesi Jirga, spoke and shared their suggestions on good governance, reforms, employment of Kandahar cadres and some other issues with the president.

The dignitaries thanked the President for his constant attention to the people and elders of Kandahar province and said that a dignified peace is the wish of all Afghans and that it was essential for all elders, political and popular figures to stay along with the government and take a common stance in this regard.

President Ghani welcomed the elders of the province and said that his decisions regarding Kandahar province will be made in the light of their proposals and he wanted the participation and consensus of all Kandahar residents in the field of reforms.

He added that Kandahar cadres will be recruited according to their abilities in different departments.

The President pointed out that protecting Kandahar and paying attention to this province is in fact paying attention to the whole of Afghanistan, adding that all should prevent the recurrence of negative situations in Kandahar. He added that in the light of consultations with the people and elders of Kandahar, we will reach clear conclusions about the measures.

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