Kandahar Police Arrest Illegal Pakistani Workers

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Kandahar police have started the process of arresting Pakistani nationals who have come to Kandahar without legal documents.
Kandahar security authorities have said that they have arrested so far 150 Pakistani nationals, mostly the residents of Punjab and handed over to Pakistani side on the border point.
Zia Durani the spokesperson of Kandahar security chief told BNA correspondent that they have started arresting Pakistani nationals who are illegally in Kandahar.
He added police only arrest, the Pakistani citizens who have no legal documents for living and working in that province.
He said that police have launched the program for ensuring security and will continues until all Pakistani national without legal documents arrested and returned in to their home country.
According to him, so far, 150 Pakistanis have arrested and officially handed over to Pakistani relevant authorities in Speen Buldak Border area.
Sameem Khupulwak spokesperson of Kandahar governor also told BNA correspondent that security forces have started the program for arresting Pakistani nationals who are residing in Kandahar without any legal documents or license to work.
He added from now on, no foreign nationals can stay here without legal documents and according to Afghan labor law, only those foreign nationals can work in Afghanistan who obtain license to work from the government of the country.
However, some businesspersons and investors who have employed Pakistani nationals in different parts of that province are dissatisfied from the measures adopted by police.
They claim that they have employed Pakistani nationals in companies, factories and other institutions because; there is shortage of technical and skillful workers.
Nazar Ali the head of labor and social affairs department of Kandahar said that the department has only registered three Pakistani national who have employed by the owners of some factories and institutes.
He added, there are hundreds Pakistani nationals brought here to work while they have no legal documents.
It is mentionable that with the establishment a new office in Afghanistan and due to increasing insecurities, the number of foreign citizens, mostly Pakistani nationals working in different provinces of the country has decreased.

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