Khalili’s Condolence Message On Martyrdom of 21 National Army Soldiers

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Once more, terrorist and the humbled enemies of people of Afghanistan with martyring of over 21 brave soldiers of national army of the country in Kunar province imposed another sorrowful tragedy over the people of Afghanistan.
I express my condolence to their family members and pious people of Afghanistan and invite high position from Almighty Allah for martyred. As of years to date, the soldiers of national army are fighting with cruelly and blood-thirsty terrorists and scarify themselves for protection of independence of the country, those brave men who are bearing the load of responsibility of encountering with sold-out enemies of this country.
No doubt, the Muslim people of Afghanistan, appreciates the day-night efforts of these brave men of the country and know that if the sacrifices of them were not being, today, our country ought to be damaged completely by these terrorist.
The meddle-age behaves of cruel and barbaric terrorists and insurgents show that they are not only the factors behind violence, murdering, destruction and indignation and are also not fetters to any human and Islamic principle. I want from security forces of the country, with adopting necessary measures to prevent such tragedies. Likewise, necessary measures should be adopted for the release of five national army soldiers that are under the captivity of these tyrants.

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