Kochi-Nomads to Cooperate with MoIC in Preservation of Historical Monuments, Ancient Sites

Kabul (BNA) The Ministry of Information and Culture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the General Administration for Kochis’ Solidarity, based on, they would provide cooperation with the ministry in the preservation of historical monuments and ancient sites.

The MoU was signed in a meeting chaired by Acting Minister of Information and Culture, Mohammad Taher Zahair and the head of the administration Habiburrahman, the other day.

At the threshold of the signing ceremony, this was noted that Kochis were from the major part of the country and could enjoy the entire rights like other Afghan citizens.

The minister said that under the MoU, the Kochis are asked to cooperate tithe the ministry in the preservation and protection of the country’s historical monuments as well as in the strengthening and development of good traditions and access to cultural affairs.

“We would also plan in building a library for the Kochis of the country and hold cultural meetings for the expansion and strengthening of the culture and traditions among them,” said the acting minister. The acting minister also noted that totally there were 5,000 historical monuments registered with the Ministry of Information and Culture. “Among them 300 historical monuments have been restored and repaired. Sharing information about the Kochis’ traditions, Habiburrahman said this was a historical MoU between the two institutions, requiring the Kochi nomads of the country provide enough cooperation in the preservation of the country’s ancient sites and historical monuments with the ministry of information and culture.

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