Kunar, Kapisa People Ask For Prevention Of NATO Operation

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The delegation sent to Kunar and Kapisa provinces to assess the civilian casualties had discussed their reports as the national security meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai at the presidential palace, his office said.
Confirming the civilian casualties based on hundred of eyewitnesses close talks with the delegation from the area residents, Head of the delegation, Mawlawi Shahzada Shahed said seven civilians were recently killed in the NATO bombing  in the Saukai district of the province among them a woman along with her son and three of her nephews.
He quoted the residents of the district as asking for stopping the NATO raids as they had fed up with the air strikes resulting in civilian casualties.
The other sent delegation including members from the Wolesi Jerga, Meshrano Jerga, defense ministry, interior ministry, NDS, local organs and administration affairs for the council of ministers headed by the Presidential Advisor, Al-hajj Mohammad Zaher Safi also presented their reports over the civilians casualties in Giawah village of Nejrab district of the province.
The head said that he had met with the head of provincial council and religious scholars in the province reporting that the operation had been carried out unless they had been consulted.
He said the NATO troops stationed in the province had asked the provincial security chief for allowing them to launch operation in the north Qala-e-Ahmad Big, but he opposed the decision and asked the NATO troops for not carrying out the operation as there were not the government armed opposition in the area.
Following the next day (last Tuesday) the NATO directed choppers bombed an area where 8 innocent children had blazed fire at a hill in Giawah village killing all of them at the scene, he quoted the provincial in charges.
The head of the sent delegation showed the pictures of the killed children to the extended the sympathy message of the president to them.
He quoted the area resident to have asked for prevention for unconditioned NATO air raids resulting in civilian casualties.

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