Kunduz Still Facing Taliban Threat

Wednesday July 27, 2016

Kabul (BNA) At present three districts of Kunduz province are under the control of armed Taliban insurgents as simultaneously the authorities in charge of Kunduz are concerned that insurgents escalations and activities would increase there. Other districts are challenging by armed insurgents respectively but the ANSF have established tight serious control on the buildings of government departments and their operation aimed full clearing of those are would take time. During his visit following recapturing of Kunduz last year, president Ghani had pledged to change this province as a sample of security in the country but with elapse of nearly one year still challenges threat it. Military experts believe that Kunduz is still burning in the flames of war but media reflect the real situation slightly. According to military expert, Attiqullah Amerkhyl, the government authorities should act up on their promises.
Kunduz collapse was due to domestic conspiracy. Its factors or those who were behind were not punished.
Taliban main strongholds in this province were not targeted and the local authorities had given misleading information on Kunduz situation to central authorities. In case of lack of attention and continuation of present situation, subsequent plot and collapse of this province is not impossible. The MoD spokesman MG Dawlat Waziri said Taliban only exist Qalazal district and due to heavy casualties had to retreat. And we reject collapse of Qalazal. At present the units of 216Shaheen, commando units, 20th division and ANP troops are fighting there. Sometimes ago the law makers of Kunduz had warned that Taliban collected tenth and Zakat from local people, equipped themselves and plan to restart their operation in this province. Kunduz is one of the northeastern provinces of Afghanistan that was collapsed three day by Taliban but was recaptured last year. Due to its long border with Tajikistan, this province has always been witnessing extensive presence of armed insurgents and been the battlefield and it’s considered as the entrance to the central Asia.
Fear and concern are expressed that current insecurities in this province might be part of a bigger project at international level for influence of terrorism into the central Asia and this fear is seriously existed that the Afghan people may once again become victim of complicated intelligence war among east-west superpowers. Current insecurities in north and north eastern provinces are more complicated than what they are imagined. Due to this reason this problem requires serious measures beyond short term tactical steps or temporary operations. The situation in this part of the country should be put at the top agenda of the NUG leadership within a framework of a big and basic strategy.
Lailuma Noori

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