Lower House’s Message

Sunday, March 09, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  Lower House of National Assembly has congratulated 8th March, World Women Day to all women of the world particularly to vulnerable and brave women of Afghanistan, stating that holy religion of Islam has put paradise under the steps of mothers, which is the highest sign to the women’s position.
The House hopes the country’s honorable women to continually play vital role in maintaining progress and making the society full of warmth, kindness and free from violence.
International Women Day is observed worldwide and particularly in Afghanistan at a time when the country’s women have had remarkable presence in making the system and government of Afghanistan in the past 12 years and proved their abilities and talents by their activities in the country. Nevertheless, it’s still long way forward in order that all women living in remote areas of the country have access to necessary social facilities.
Wolisi Jirga, in consideration to all issues, stressed on remarkable role of women in building a developed Afghanistan, congratulating once again the historic and important day and asking relevant organs to provide all means of development and progress in every sector including education and employment to women.

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