Mahmoud Khan Achekzai Expresses Sympathy With Marshal Fahim Family

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Mahmoud Khan Achakzai the leader of Pashtunkhwah National Awami Party visited the house of late Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim yesterday and expressed sympathy with his family members.
Besides praying for the departed soul of Marshal Fahim, Achakzai said that late Marshal Fahim was a patriotic personality and had played significant and constructive role for Afghanistan in crucial conditions, saying late Marshal as vice president played important role in ensuring peace and national unity in the country.
For his part, the son of Marshal Fahim besides thanking Achekzai over expressing sympathy said that the peoples of Afghanistan, Pashtunkhwah and Pakistan have historic and brotherly relations.

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