Marshal Fahim; Great Personality Bravely Lived, Resisted For Protection of Values

Monday, March 10, 2014
Kabul (BNA)  The only marshal of Afghanistan and a Jihadi figure in the past four decades, Mohammad Qasim Fahim passed away yesterday due to heart attack here in Kabul.
Born in 1958 in a religious family in Omerz village of Panjshir province, Mohammad Qasim Fahim received his primary education from his father Mawlavi Abdul Matin and came to Kabul in 1970 for higher education.
In 1978, he joined Mujahidin and went to Pakistan to start struggling against communism’s phenomena. In 1979, he returned to Panjshir and stood along with Martyred Massoud in mountains of the province against USSR invaders.
Mohammad Qasim Fahim, alongside Massoud led groups of Mujahidin in very difficult conditions in order that foreigner’s hands couldn’t rule on the fate of Afghanistan people.
Mohammad Qasim Fahim, along with Martyred Masoud and other Afghan Mujahidin created resistance cells against USSR invaders forces and strengthened the cells from mountains of Panjshir province. Marshal Fahim played vital role in collecting and coordinating commanders of mujahidin and launched coordinated operations out of Panjshir by order of Shaheed Massoud, reaching to big successes.
It was the movement and operations of mujahidin which ousted Kabul regime backed by former USSR. In 1991, government of mujahidin was established and Mohammad Qasim Fahim was appointed as head of directorate of national security and worked for consolidation of new-founded mujahidin government.
Unfortunately, the new-founded mujahidin government faced with various work plots of foreigners and imposed fighting. Once again, Mohammad Qasim Fahim, along with Shaheed Massoud and all other mujahidin stood against such plots causing later appearing of Taliban project and the government of mujahidin was obliged to leave Kabul for prevention of civilians’ death.
Mujahidin were obliged to resist against secret invasion of Afghanistan. By order of Shaheed Massoud, Fahim played remarkably role in foiling of Taliban plots until leader of Jihad and resistance Martyred Masoud was martyred in a terrorist plot.
In 2001, Fahim took commanding of all forces of Islamic State of Afghanistan and played vital role in formation of the interim government of Afghanistan after Taliban regime was toppled.
Fahim was soon appointed as first deputy and minister of defense of the interim government and later was granted the title of Marshal.
Thus, Mohammad Qasim Fahim had appeared as the first marshal of Afghanistan during the past four decades. During the period, he fulfilled remarkable works for protection of independence, integrity, Islamic and national values of Afghanistan.
This brave figure of Jihad and resistance passed away yesterday morning at the age of 56 due to heart attack.

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