Massoud Chairs Reforms Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Zia Massoud, Presidential Special Representative on Reforms and Good Governance, while chairing the Administrative Reforms Committee meeting, said the principles of governance had been based on providing good services for the people, his office said the other day.
According to a statement released from his office, Massoud said the principles of governance should be a way to help offer good services acceptable for all the country’s citizens and remain free of any corruption.
The assertion comes after Massoud Tokhi, Head of Reforms and Civil Services Administration provided the meeting with details about his office suggestion regarding holding the conference and said any parts of the society’s including experienced and expert figures should be let get presence to the conference and an open atmosphere should be facilitated to help the participants offer their sound suggestions and criticisms for restoring reforms.
He said participation of the private sector, civil society activists and other governmental organs, was a need as the government can’t do this unless the private sector didn’t take presence.

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