Media Has Main Role In Reflection of Realities

Sunday, April 06, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Information and Culture Minister in Publication Affairs, Ms. Semeen Hassanzada in a briefing with BNA said that foreign and domestic journalists in voting centers for covering balanced and impartial reporting can confirm the transparency and non-transparency of election process. So any pressuring or occurrence of incidents that causes the killing of journalists and endangering of their freedom is a matter of condemnation.
Ms. Hassanzada flayed the painful incident of Khost province that occurred on Thursday and caused the killing of German photo journalist and injuring of a Canadian reporter and asked the security in charges to maintain in a good manner the security of voters, media men and domestic and foreign monitors as well as the security of election centers’ in charges. Deputy Publication Minister for the Ministry of Information and Culture asked the concerned security institutions and in charges to investigate the Khost incident and the culprits should be introduced to the court.
According to another report, deputy minister in publication affairs resolved vast and deliberately participation of people in voting centers as a national success and in this convergence and historical act of Afghan people, she evaluated important the role of media and security forces as well.

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