Meshrano Jerga Statement On Latest Iranian President Assertions On Afghanistan

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Meshrano Jerga, upper house of the parliament strongly condemned the recent irresponsible assertions of the Iranian President, Ahmadi Nezhad at the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference in Dushanbe in relations to Afghanistan. 
The statement adds that the Iranian president by trampling down the diplomatic protocol norms as before considered Afghanistan an occupied nation and void of independence and asked for withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. 
The House of People of National assembly of Afghanistan tell Ahmadi Nezhad and other interventionist Iranian authorities’ that Afghanistan is not an occupiers including the regime of Iran that has dragged Afghanistan towards economic, political and military crisis and has caused the need for presence of the foreign forces here so that the dangers emanating from the intentional interventions of the aliens aimed at creating crisis in Afghanistan, continued instability and tension in our country ends and when the dangers from financing and training of professional terrorists including Al-Qaeda, mine planting of street sides and destruction of infrastructures in our country is removed these forces will not stay here for a single day. 
Ahmadi Nezhad should know that every nation knows her own interests. 
Our people expect that intervention ends in this country, we shall review consolidation of our ties with the international community and we do not need an attorney to judge on our behalf. 
We have long-term friendship with the people of Iran and they realize our pains and we feel their pains. 
The assertions of Ahmadi Nezhad and a military commander Masoud Jazaeri the Chief of Staff of Iran and others in order to calm down people revolts are resorting to such hues and cries. 
Our people know well what is to their interest and they will not pay heed to their instigations. 
The House of People once again condemned such assertions and asked the leadership of Afghanistan and especially the foreign ministry of the country to prevent such interference through diplomatic channels. 
The parliamentary group also condemned these assertions.

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