Moderation Center For Counter-Extremism Efforts Established

Monday March 3, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan Moderation Center was set up yesterday in Kabul for counter extremism and causes of religious, tribal, linguistic and sectarian’s prejudice. 
BNA correspondent reported, in a session held on the occasion of setting up of the center, Deputy Minister of Islamic Studies for Education briefed related to programs and aims of the center said, “As Afghanistan had continually faced with crisis as extremism, Afghanistan government has decided to set up an organs named Afghanistan Moderation Center in order to counter causes of extremism in the country.” In a message of President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai read out by advisor to president Munshi Abdul Majeed said, “Afghan Muslim nation by standing and having faith in Islamic values are a moderate nation and for from extremism, adding the country faced with extremism at a time when the country was obviously and secretly invaded by foreigners who pave ways for extremism in our country.
Now, it is the responsibility of our religious Ulema to root out extremism through delivering speeches in sessions and publication of brochures. For addressing such needs of our society, government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has approved setting up of Afghanistan Moderation Center. I congratulate the establishment and opening of the center to all people of Afghanistan and I hope further success in implementation of its programs.
In the ceremony, senior advisor to President and head of the center Professor Nimatullah Shahrani, Minister of Hajj and Islamic Affairs Dr. Mohammad Yousif Niazi and advisor to President Mawlavi Enayatullah Baligh spoke related to position of values of moderation in Islam, asking the people to follow moderation in their life and move away from extremism. It is worth mentioning that ministerial council has approved establishment of Afghanistan Moderation Center as needed in today’s Afghan society.

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