MoI Pledges To Investigate Police Involvement In Election Frauds

Saturday April 12, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) on Tuesday said that legal actions would be taken against the police officers who have violated the law and are engaged in cases of frauds and riggings in the elections.
The legal action against police officers found guilty in riggings would take without considering their post and positions, he said. In addition, Sediq Sediqi spokesman of Interior Ministry asked the election campaigns to refer their evidences and documents that could prove involvement of police personnel in the election violations and frauds, saying that the Ministry of Interior will investigate into the allegations and legal measure would take against those found futility in riggings.
“Security of the elections, presidential and provincial council’s candidates, voters and elections observers were among the top working priorities of the Ministry of Interior,” Sediqi said.
“A police officer and NDS personnel who were trying to rig in favor of particular candidate have been arrested on the spot in Syed Abad district of Maidan-Wardak province.” According to the spokesman of Ministry of Interior, at least fourteen cases of frauds were identified in the elections day and the violators have been arrested by the security organs. In the meantime, political analysts have appreciated the participation of people in the elections and believe that larger public participation in the elections in some extent foiled the attempt for large scale riggings and this is encouraging.
The analysts say that the candidate must wait for the results of the elections with patience and they must give time to the election commission of Afghanistan and electoral complaints commission to conduct their jobs and announce the final result according to the law.
The Afghan people expect that the electoral organizing bodies will honestly conduct their duties so that the hope and aspirations of the people are preserved in the elections. “Massive turnout in the elections reveal that the people want their votes bring change and for elections are conducted in fair and transparent manner, people expect their votes are counted honestly without rigging, this could protect the credibility of elections as well,” Kabul resident Mohammad Aqa said. “Previous elections were rigged despite presence of national and international observers, this time the people will not tolerate riggings.” This comes at a time that previous elections followed major controversies and speculations because of rigging and fraud allegations and this time the Afghan people expect that elections are held with fair and transparency. 

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