MoIC Houses Hundred Thousands of Historical Relics, Hakimi

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Information and Culture’s spokesman and media advisor Haroon Hakimi during a press conference here in Kabul said that 102 historical relics which were purchased and preserved by Japanese goodwill ambassador to UNESCO, have been recently returned back to Afghanistan.
Hakimi went on saying that the said relics were looted during the civil war and on the basis of the MoIC’s efforts, the relics were restored and returned back to the national museum.
“Near a hundred thousand of the national museum’s relics were either looted or smashed during the civil war. With efforts from the Ministry of Information and Culture, most of the relics were restored and retuned back to the country,” MoIC’s media advisor and spokesman added, saying that the national museum now houses a hundred thousands of relics.
Hakimi added: “The Afghan and Foreign archaeologists have discovered 1344 relics from the Mes-i-Ainak historical site, where a hundred of which found last week.” Hinting to Bakhtar Treasures, Hakimi said that around 231 items of the said relics have been put on display in 12 countries, adding that the said relics are now on display in South Korea.
Pointing to restoration of the relics outside of the country, MoIC’s official said that 155 relics which were discovered from the Mes-i-Ainak historical sites, have been put on display in Czech Republic after its restoration by the said country. “Around 10002 historical relics have been returned back to the country where 3000 of which were seized by the country’s national security forces from the traffickers and have been submitted to the National Museum,” Hakimi added. Hinting to ministry’s achievements on cultural, publication, youth and tourism fields, Hakimi said that the Tourism Institute has been developing new cadres, adding that 10 thousands of youths have been enrolled to Institutes of Higher Education across the country. He said: “Buildings for the Public libraries have been built in most of the provinces and the Zabulminaret was renovated by the financial support of Kandahar police Chief Gen. Abdul Razaq.”
Hakimi further added that the construction works of Ghazni’s museum and administrative offices of Badghis and Urozgan provinces, Herat’s grand Mosque, Kardan Mosque of Kabul, Qala-e-Saraj building and library in Laghman have begun, adding that the construction work of Paktia’s administrative office and Sar-e-Pul’s library to begin soon.

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