Mopping-Up Operations Underway In Kunduz, MoD

Monday August 22, 2016

Kabul (BNA) While war is going on in a number of volatile provinces and districts, the MoD authorities said that they have started extensive operations for retaking of volatile districts in Kunduz. Security authorities said that armed insurgents intended to collapse some provinces but ANSF proved that they are capable to maintain security and for example Kunduz will be cleared soon from insurgents.
Talking on the last changes and ongoing operations in Kunduz, MoD spokesman MG Dawlat Waziri said, insurgents sustained heavy casualties and ANSF started new operations. Reinforcement have been sent to that area and cordon and search operations have been started and are going on in Imam Saheb, Qala Zal and Dasht-e-Archi areas successfully and ANSF made good advances and initiative have been taken from insurgents. They are not able to collapse this province due to potential presence of our brave forces and in near future the under threat districts will be cleared.
MoD spokesman added, Kunduz due to its strategic situation and importance has attracted insurgents attention but ANSF would hart them. Talking on high combat moral of ANSF against terrorists, security authorities of Kunduz said that the ANSF managed to repulse insurgents’ attacks in five directions and inflict heavy blows in them. Chief of Kunduz provincial police force BG Qasim Jangalbagh said, ANSF are fighting with high combat spirit against insurgents and bodies of insurgents have remained in the battlefield. At the same time, a number of military-political experts called war in Kunduz decisive emphasize that Kunduz is security gate of the north and if this gate is broken, security of the north will be seriously damaged.
Omar Safi one of the military experts said that insurgents are trying to gain a strategic victory in the north and then extend their activities to other areas. Jamal Farahmand a military- political expert said, if sometimes ANSF have no tactical retreat, war would conclude in insurgents benefit. It should not be ignored that attention to casualties’ dimensions and possible war damages as well as physical and material safety of civilians during war enjoy basic importance. While in the past one of the reasons of ANSF failure and empowerment of insurgents was deep gap between people and government. At the same time, Kunduz residents ask the government to provide their security otherwise large number of families will leave their villages and replace to other areas.
Suraya Raiszada

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